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Annual General Meeting Minutes

Date / Time

Friday 30th July 1999 @ Just After Eight



Tawny Owl Pub, Walnut Tree



Jon de Fraine



Neil Biggs



Gareth Davies



Jon de Fraine



Sean de Fraine



Richard Moss



Darryl Norman



Mark Rolfe



Russell Forbes



Darren Johnston



Justin Long



Andy Moss



Lee Northend




(1)Signing-On Fees




(3) League Teams


(4)Cup Teams



Please note that these minutes reflect only the outcome of the discussion points, not the continual bickering that went on to reach the outcome. All contentious issues, however, were voted on and the majority prevailed – including any e-mail votes.

(1)               Signing-On Fees

The rate for entry to the leagues has increased slightly to £70.00 per team (£35.00 refundable following completion of all fixtures).

The signing-on fee for 1999-2000 will therefore be £23.00 per player for all eleven players nominated in the squad.

This fee will include the purchase of 6 ‘bibs’ for training.

DJ, as with last year, will be exempt from the signing-on fee and contribute should he participate in the end of season ‘do’.

(2)               Subscriptions

Again, there has been a slight increase in the cost of playing per night and so the subscriptions have increased to £3.50 per person, per night. (In order to maintain the same ‘kitty’ margin).

All monies are to be paid in a maximum of two instalments – the first no later than Friday 6th August and the second by/on the last league game of 1999 for your team. The first instalment, however, must be made by/on 6th August  1999.

Each player is responsible for the cost of the games they started. (For this reason, we will once again not be imposing substitutions and allowing players to make their own decisions). Should an individual not be able to make an evening, then the replacement must reimburse the original player for the match.

This transaction must be conducted entirely between the players involved and the club will not be held responsible or intervene in any way, save to consider repayments in the event of a player leaving the club.

(3)               Kit

It was decided that we should not purchase a new kit, however, all players must ensure that (a) they wash their shirt after each game (Russ) and, (b) that they have plain black shorts and plain black socks.

The same rules will be applied to goalkeeper bottoms as before.

(4)               League Teams

By a small majority (4:3), it was decided to pick new teams. Again, each player was categorised and pulled from a hat by a different player at the meeting.

The categories were;

Defenders                  :           NB, GD, RF, JL

Midfielders                 :           JdF, RM, DN, MR

Forwards                    :           SdF, LN

The teams selected were;

One Bunky Chollox           :           AM, NB, RF, JdF, RM, SdF

Two Bunky Chollox           :           AM, GD, JL, DN, MR, LN

(5)               Cup Teams

By an overwhelming majority on the night (7:0), it was decided that Bunky Chollox AFC should this year enter two selected cup teams – not based on the league teams.

Each player present selected the players they believed made the strongest team, considering positions etc. as they wished.

The team selected for the 1st Division Cup is;

AM, GD, MR, RM, JdF, SdF.

The team to play in the 2nd Division Cup, therefore, is;


(6)               A.O.B.

Managers to remain the same for 1999-2000, although GD did try to step down !!


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