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Bunky Chollox FC AGM.  21:00, 14th August 2007.  The Clock Inn, Shenley 

Present: Sean de Fraine, Gareth Davies, Russ Forbes, Neil Biggs, Danny Croft, Mark Rogers, Stuart Knox, Justin Long, Karl Bramham, Rob Herkes, Ben Tranter. 

Minutes follow: 

Note:  4 x teams have been entered to next season’s leagues.  Managers sorted teams. 

HOS points. I feel it is unfair to HOS those that do not make the bar, when they made the effort to show up, whereas people who don't make the effort to show up get away with it. I put forward not coming on your scheduled night (squad players) will get a social HOS.  Move HOS for Saturday training to 12:00 Thursday.  All other HOS rules stay the same.  SDF

  • 1 Football Hall of Shame to be awarded for not attending your scheduled game or not attending a pre-arranged sub swap.  1 Social Hall of Shame for not coming in the bar at the END OF THE EVENING.  1 Social HOS for not posting Saturday Training availability by 12:00 Thursday.

Fantasy League teams should show who's in them. This might make it all a bit more exciting and create more interest in the Xmas transfer window. Doesn't need to show individual player points, just names in the team.  Russ

  • List of team members to be published on website.

If you score a goal, you only get half the MOM votes that are awarded by the rest of the team. This acts a leveller on the basis that people simply vote for who ever scored, forgetting that a few defenders may have made heroic blocks to keep the team in the game.  Russ

  • Tongue in cheek.  Dropped

Voting system... always give a total of 6 points, or allow a MAXIMUM of six points and a MINIMUM of one point?  Russ

  • Carried.

Voting: Still total votes or % games/played?  Sean

  • Total votes for individual players award.  Votes per game % for Player of the Year.

Hall of Fame, do something good for the club, get a nomination for Clubman Award and 1 Social HOS point removed?  Sean

  • Carried.  The nomination towards Clubman is purely that and does not guarantee the award.  Any nominations will be discussed by the Clubman of the Year committee.

Should defenders learn how to defend and then pass to allow the goal scorers to score more goals and gain the MOM points back they may lose through scoring?   Sean

  • Tongue in cheek.  Dropped

Running monthly totals per player for the fantasy football league?  Danny

  • Rejected.  Team members to be published and league table, but no player’s individual points.

Award for most spectacular own goal/balls up in a match across the season. (easily tracked with sarcasm)  Danny

  • Covered by Ryan’s award.  Russ did try to introduce the ‘Russ Forbes Own Goal’ award, however this was deemed to difficult to control in the event of multiple own-goals.

Pre match warm up, do we need this to be a routine rather than just lashing the ball toward the goal?  Danny

·         Pre-match warm up is to be left to the individual to decide how they warm up.  It was pointed out we do play better if we are already up to speed before kick-off.  Individuals need to look at how they best prepare for a game.

More chips with beer on cup nights for the "fans".  Danny

·         Not a problem, but not from club funds. 

Bunky’s player of the year – at present it is votes/game and you must have played 10 or more games.  Change to votes/game registered plus any sub starts.  This will reward attendance as much as votes.  1st subs attendance on a game basis.  Remove sub votes to sub of the year – Sean

·         Player of the Year, only starting 24 players can win award, not subs.  Sub appearances count for starting 24 players.   Calculated on a vote’s per games played basis.  Must have played at least total registered games – 3 games.  Sub appearance counted only if you get a MOM vote.

Sub of the year – Open to everyone who comes on as sub.  Remove sub votes from player of the year.  Have votes/game per sub appearance, not as many 1st subs next year.  If you start votes go to player of the year – Sean

·         Sub of the Year open to non-starting players only.   Calculated on a vote’s per game basis.  Total votes divided by games sub’d.   Only non-starting players can win sub of the year. 


·         None

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