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Bunky Chollox FC: AGM Minutes

Date / Time   
10th August 2010 @ 21:00 hrs

Shenley Leisure Centre Bar

Sean, Darryl P, Ricky, Brett, Gordo, Neil, Karl, Jeff, Rob, Tom, Downie, Steve, Leigh, Craig

The other 20+

The main points agreed were;

Winter League Teams       

In the main, 4 x teams to remain as is for Winter League.  BC2 are to gain a player (Jamie), so need to lose one.  Vito dropping to a sub role.  Gordo will be away for a time (operation).  Tom wants to play up front.


Stay as are.  Although not sure if teams will be promoted/relegated as yet.


Responsible for ensuring they have enough players for league night.  Also need to make sure their players pay on time and also make any decisions come match night.

BC1 - Darryl to step down.  Downie to chase players but not manage team.
BC2 - Chris M remains the boss, chasing and managing.
BC4 - Danny remains the boss, chasing and managing.


5 for a yellow card, 10 for a red card. 

Also bringing back HOS 50p fine for late posting for league games.  Starting players need to have told their captain their availability by 5pm Friday so we can postpone the game if necessary.


Carried that players would like to overpay their match fees so they get something back at the end of the season.  Overpay to be paid at end of season do.  Amount TBC once league details confirmed.  The club makes no money in this process, just acts as a bank holding players funds.

Payment monthly in full via cash or standing order.

Failure to pay previous months payment means you cant play until you have - end of!

If you are a starting paying/player and you can't make it you still pay.  If you want you can ask your covering non-paying sub for your match fee, but that is up to you.

If you commit to being a starting player you pay.

Special circumstances will be looked in to.

We need the full amount from all players to make this work.


3, 2, 1 voting system to remain in place.

End of Season 'Do'

11th September 2010.  Footy in the afternoon @ Shenley, awards and beer, then some food and a few beers in MK to follow.  Check forum for details nearer the time.

Golf Day

Enough interest, a date will need to be sorted.  Check forum.


Cheap physio can be obtained from Paul Joyce, see website links for details.  He works out of Shenley, just tell him you are from Bunky Chollox when calling.

Rob thanked Sean for his hard work, cheers Rob.



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