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Bunky AGM
6th June 2006 21:00
Clock Inn – Shenley Leisure Centre


Present: Sean, Steve, Rob, Rolfe, Disco, Matty, Spoony, Russ, Ben, Richy A, Rogers, and Danny 
Apologies: The rest 
In no particular order:  

Ryan’s Award.

Nominations to Richard Moss ASAP from the eight choices on the forum.  All 17 squad players to cast vote.
Action: Rich to chase 

Outstanding Contribution Award

Nominations to mark Rogers ASAP.  All 17 squad players to cast vote.
Action: Mark to chase

Ideas for 2006/2007 league to be forwarded to Shenley.

- Printed copies of all team pictures on League cup night that Ross (or whoever) has on his clipboard for all to see. If nothing else, it will cut out the incessant and unfounded allegations of foul play by some teams... Or of course prevent certain teams from breaking the rules year in-year out.  Team sheets behind the goals.
- Any alteration to the rules at any time MUST be sent out by letter, with an acknowledgment slip. All teams must acknowledge before the rule is implemented.
Ray / centre staff can issue the letters before the game / when paying.
- Photo's of all team members to be available for everyone else to view - perhaps on the Shenley / Bunky's website.: -Registration Cards, With Players Photos on them, These Cards are to be brought by each team to every game that is played. The League itself will also have copy of these Cards. Therefore, if any Clubs have any questions they can ask its opponents if they can see their cards.
Clubs will be fined if these Cards are not produced on Match Days.
- Go back to two Games per night as long as they are not hours apart of course.
If you are having a bad night, it gives you another go at getting it right!
- Change the refs.  Have more than one.
- Fair play award – leave as is, team most points with no bookings is surely the fairest?
- £50 deposit worked last season.  Retain.

Action: Sean to forward to Shenley (Ross)

Hall of Shame
Create a Social HOS and a Football HOS.  The Football HOS will consist of any Tuesday Match related entries only.  The Social HOS table everything else.

 Football HOS:

1 HOS point for not getting a MOM vote (starting 6 players only).  Table published on website.
1 HOS point for not posting/informing match availability by Saturday 17:00 prior to Tuesday game (starting players and subs), again table published on website.
1 HOS point for a yellow card
2 HOS points for a red card
Any other Football HOS point to be nominated as usual.
At the end of the season, all players donate 50p for every HOS point they have to chosen charities.

- all items voted on, carried.

 Social HOS:

As normal, HOS point for anything funny or scandalous.
HOS point for not posting/informing Sat availability by Thursday 17:00 (squad players only).
HOS point for not coming in the bar after football on Tuesday night.
At the end of the season the player with most HOS points donates 50p per point to his chosen charity.

- all items voted on, carried.

Appeal process

Any HOS points you feel are unjustified may be appealed against.  You must appeal to Richard Armstrong within 1 week (unless Rich is happy with why it took you longer) and Rich will make a decision based on your case.  Richard will post the appeal, result and how he came to that result on the forum.  Richard’s decision is final. Any team captain can deal with an appeal for Richy A.
- voted on, carried


HOS/Photo/Mileage - tie in with SOS to EOS?
Vote taken and these awards will now run in line with other awards.  EOS do through EOS do.  The currently running awards will run for 18 months this year to reflect the changes. Current HOS points will be attributed to the correct 'type' base on their description/reason.

- voted on, carried

End of Season do.

…will now take place on the first day of the new Premiership season.  This year (2006) it's Saturday 19th August 2006.  The Ashes game against Shenley will take place the same day.  Post your availability for both on forum.  Evening events TBC.

Action: Sean


Predator Sports are on board.  Awaiting quote for new kit.  With this is mind every member of the club has to try to promote Predator at every opportunity.  We need to get as many people through their doors as possible.  Make sure they quote Bunky’s when booking and there are all the latest offers on the forum.  Page on Website to be created
Action: all, website Sean


New treasurer?  Russ happy to maintain role until he found out it may be hard work with the new block booking formalities.  Sean to log money in and out of club.  Russ therefore just able to sign cheques, standing down his role.
 Reminder: Subs are paid by standing order. Total amount divided by 12 running from September (1st payment) to August (12th payment). Alternatively, the seasons subs can be paid in total up front. 06/07 subs to be confirmed.

Action:  Russ to confirm if Richy A and Daz owe anything for 2005/2006


As usual, this was the big one, summary follows. 

  • Substitution rules: Do we want to win? Or are we in it for the crack? Vote taken on whether substitutions should be chosen to try to win something – vote carried. This now means that the Manager will have the authority to make substitutions based on the fact that the team wants to win as apposed to wanting to make sure everyone gets their money's worth on pitch.
  • Captains/Managers – Gaz and Rogers nominated.
  • Vote taken on how we chose the teams – Gaz and Rogers to decide.
  • Do we swap BC1 & BC2 around? – Gaz and Rogers to decide.
  • Does anyone want to leave the starting 12 or club? – No
  • Does anyone want to join the club – Yes, Rob.  – Gaz and Rogers to take in to account.
  • Would players like to become involved in the club – Yes, Richard Armstrong.  Sean to hand over some of his workload to Rich.
  • Substitution rules.  Gaz and Rogers to clarify the individual sub pool and/or 1st/2nd sub depending on results of teams for next year.  Rules regarding making better use of players on sidelines also to be taken into account.
  • Club funding for 2007 - starting players, squad players?  £55 per team, now £18 per night to pay, up 50p.  Gaz and Rogers to decide if monthly subs need raising.
    Training importance - no train/no play (controversial!) - Gaz and Rogers to decide.
  • Starting 12 based on 2005/2006 attendance? – Gaz and Rogers to decide, Sean to provide numbers.
  • BC1 vs. BC2. Team names. Switch teams for next year. ie. Rogers team play in Div1, Gaz's div 2. Team with most points come end of year go into div 1. We can promote/demote within the club, as Shenley league doesn't.  Team in Div 1 for 2006/2007 will be called Bunky Chollox I and Div 2 Bunky Chollox II.  – Decision: no point in changing things based on previous seasons performance as we are likely to adjust team members each season.
  • Substitutes.  Leave as is?   Sack the current subs, get some new ones that come every week, guarantee them 1st/2nd/3rd sub above a starting player from opposite team without doubt. Keeper's the only obvious exception to that rule. We can prioritise the subs.  Sean’s thinking behind this is to get more people involved in the club, Rob wants to want to play for example, even some of the Athletico or Shenley chaps. – Gaz and Rogers to decide.

 Basically, numerous votes were taken and carried.  Gaz and Rogers to get together and sort all things football for next season, teams, subs, fees etc.


Fantasy League 2006/2007

Spoony happy to run again next year. 


Now I have to admit a few people had left as this turned out to be an AOB after no-one had any AOB’s, anyway Richy A suggested the following: 

Bunky’s III (3) 

Wow.  Now it seems to resolve alot of issues which we left to Gaz and Rogers because it needed two responsible people to decide those outcomes.  The main point was that the subs, Danny, Matty, Steve, Rob etc want to play/start every week.  With this in mind we do have enough players to field a 3rd team.  The only issue is you cannot be registered for 2 teams in the same league.  So we would need to split the other leagues team to sub the 2 teams in the same league.  This would also mean everyone paid signing on fee and monthly subs. Danny has put himself forward as BCIII Capt. 


Div 1
Bunky's I

Rich M

Any form remaining squad members.

Div 2
Bunky's II

Richy A
Daz (backup keeper)


Div 2
Bunky's III


Rich M

Ross (Shenley) has no problem with a third team.  Confirmation from those players not making the starting 12 being sort before taking futher.
Gaz and Rogers need to take this in account when sorting all the Team issues form earlier.
Possible Substitution rules with 3 BC teams: 'who ever turns up is selectable by the Manager to come on pitch if a player takes himself off. Any starting 6 player can bring himself back on at any time for the person who came on for him'

Parity Bit

Each player needs to post in the correct thread on the forum the number of letters in their forum ID to prove they have read this far. FOOTY HOS points to those who have not posted by the 1st August 2006.

……………On that bombshell we all went away thinking 3 Bunky’s teams, surely not!  Until next season, have a good summer.


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