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FHM/O2 Cup Final

5th March 2005, the day the first FHM/O2 Cup Final took place.  Bunky Chollox although not getting through via their football managed to blag a place at the finals thanks to Dan, all at Be Sport and Jennie at FHM. 

So the Bunky's 8 left MK in the hired vehicle for a day of fun in London Town.  The venue, Crystal Palace Sports Centre.  We arrived, I'd like to say spectacularly, but no one was there to see us exit the limo!  We entered the arena to be asked it we were the celebrity team?!?!  We must have looked good in them fine Bunky's shirts.

The footy was just about to start, the 3 pitches in a lot better nick than the Sutton pitches that obviously ruined our chances of playing today.  After a quick catch up and checking of what was where and obviously watching a bit of football, we headed for the free burger van, then the bar - it was cold, it even snowed.

Some lads played pool, others lost money to the quiz machine, till we ventured back out to watch the semi-finals and finals.  The celebs had turned up to by this point.

'See What We Can do FC' beating 'Fat Hairy Monkeys FC' in the final and Rolfie therefore winning the sweep!

We returned to the bar, Mr Rolfe had managed to pull Phil Babb's girlfriend and also some bloke from Lock Stock!  There wasn't any fighting as he lost the pair soon after, everyone got changed (removal of Bunky's tops) and off to the club we went via a rainy tour of London.  Winners getting to travel in style on an open topped bus.

On arrival at Boudoir, the club hired for the private party, coats and bags were checked and the Bunky's seating area was obtained.  A very good night was had by all, free bar, playstations, table football and loads of great party food.  The winners were presented with their prizes, we were just happy to have been apart.

The night grew to an end, the limo returned and the tired and drunk returned home after numerous stops on the way.

Highlights of the day surely include....
the dude in the merc eating his bogies, blacked out limo windows for ya
Gaz freezing in the limo, everyone else sweating
Sean and Gaz Mexican wave in an empty stadium
Rob, just in general
the beer and the burgers
celebs in Bunky's shirts

A fantastic day, again thanks to Dan and everyone else involved.  Thanks also to Rob for sorting the limo.  We will be back next year!!!

Check back soon for more stories of the big day out!

The team minibus, pre-match cup of tea, packed stadia and quality playing surface!!

Bunky's on Tour, the Girls, the Big Girls blouse and FHM's Chris

The Rub down tent, The warm up, girls v celebs and The Chicken!!

Where did u get that hand bag?    Rich, you went too far!!    and the celebrities...

Top man John Scales!!

Mr Babb.

Lock Stock & Shampoo!

The winners transport! 

Be Sport's Dan.

VIP - yes we were!!

  Stay awake chaps!!

Packed bar.

Mines a pint.

Every club should have table football.

The bar, winners and losers.

Separated at birth.

 Glasgow's finest

Little and Large.

I'm in LOVE!!!

 Nice bum-bag!


Poor motorists flashed on way home.


 Fancy a cuddle?

I'm going to kiss you!


  Click on the Thumbnails to enlarge...

Thanks to all at FHM/Be Sport for a great competition!!


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